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We clean for a variety of "big chain" nursing homes all over Hampshire and other county's. We clean all of the communal corridors along with some rooms on request. In these Homes a steam clean is necessary as the residents and staff are walking on the carpet soon after the clean.

We have contracts with pubs and clubs and we treat any high traffic areas with a pre spray for all of the starchy dirt to be lifted easily from the pile. To treat any bubble gum we have proprietary gum remover as this can be a big problem in pubs.

We offer a friendly and professional domestic service with very competitive rates. Furthermore we will beat any genuine quote.

We use only the best and latest carpet cleaning machines. This is one of our ninja steam cleaners intact with:

-An in-line steamer for extra deep cleaning
-On board heater (if your boiler is off, not a problem)
-2 x 5.7” HD Performance Vac system
-400 psi

We use all prochem products which are the industry leading brand. Our prochem portfolio includes:

For spot removal we use:

  • Stain Pro – a heavy duty and solvent based alkaline protein spotter for blood, vomit, wine, ink, fresh tea and most food-based stains.
  • Citrus Gel – a citrus solvent and detergent based liquid gel spot remover for oil, grease, tar, gum and other oily spots.

For carpet pre-sprays we use:

  • Multi Pro – A professional general purpose pre-spotter and traffic lane pre-spray for carpets applied with a sprayer to all heavily soiled areas before machine cleaning.
  • Trafficlean – An industrial strength high concentrate formula with extra water-soluble solvents for grease removal.

For specialist detergents we use:

  • Extraction Pro – A professional low foam emulsifier for our carpet soil extraction machines. This rapidly penetrates and suspends soil for complete extraction and prevention of
  • Fabric and Fibre Rinse – A professional acid rinse agent for PH neutralising alkaline pre-sprays and stabilising colours approved by the Woolsafe Organisation for use on wool and wool rich carpets.

For deodorisers/odour neutralizers we use:

  • Odour Fresh – A professional formula deodoriser containing high quality deodorizers and bactericides which can be added to any carpet, fabric or cleaning solution.

For sanitizers/anti-bacterial treatments we use:

  • Sanifresh – A duel-action anti-bacterial sanitizer and deodoriser for multi-surface application. Destroys odours caused by bacteria, moulds and mildew.



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